SeaQuest: Woodbridge Center Experience

Experience SeaQuest at Woodbridge Center

Ready for an adventure around the world? A new SeaQuest location is now open at Woodbridge Center! Get ready to journey through five continents to see, feed, and touch more than 300 species of animals all in one day!


Experience the beauty of wildlife

Enjoy snorkeling with the stingrays in the premier 36,000-gallon exhibit, feed birds and reptiles, marvel at the sharks, take selfies with the snakes, and so much more! SeaQuest exhibits create an exciting adventure as you make your way through an Icelandic Fishing Village, the Great Wall of China, the Amazon River, and beyond. Enjoy the opportunity to connect with animals and learn about their ecosystems through various activities.


Animal-focused environments

SeaQuest is committed to ensuring the safety of over 1,500 species in their care. Animal care teams are filled with trained professionals, many of which hold degrees in biology, zoology, and marine biology. Their specialized team members are required to take additional training and are devoted to the care and protection of each animal. 

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Explore, connect, and learn! Plan your trip today. 

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Discover upcoming events

From animal whisperer tours to sleeping with the sharks, there's a little something for everyone! 

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